Schedule Fuel Deliveries using ​Custom Fuel App & TankSpotter App

Customer App

Customer places an order through the Custom Fuel App

Office Dashboard

Office receives the order on the web dashboard and schedule it to a driver user.

Customer App

Order status from the customer app will automatically update to Confirmed

Driver App Notification

Driver’s app will get a notification of the job

Driver App Calendar

An appointment will  also be saved on the Driver app’s calendar

Driver App Job List

All jobs for the day will be displayed on this page. Driver also has the ability to do turn-by-turn navigation.

Driver App

Driver opens the digital form and fill-in the order details and submit to the office.

Office Web Dashboard

Office gets the update  on their dashboard and the order status will be updated from Scheduled to Delivered automatically.

Customer App

In the customer app’s order history, the order status will also be changed to Delivered.

Tankspotter Dashboard

TankSpotter Dashboard will also be updated with the job details .


Ordering from Customer App

Scheduling The Order ​(GIF)


Heating Oil company Order App to Driver App

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