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It is a rare occasion that we are so pleasantly surprised by an app that works on both Apple and Android devices as all the best apps do. A newer app was recently recommended to us and we are excited to share it with you because it does some very important things. To say that it is a safety app designed to automate safety, risk management and all forms of inspections or safety paperwork is part true, but then it is also designed to spot-check the safety inspection itself while the inspection is going on, alerting the user and office staff of a safety issue. That’s great because it is destined to save lives especially since it is used in the flammable fuel industry, but then to the elation of users it automates the filing and clerical paperwork formerly associated with these tasks.

While the fact that this app will help save lives is in itself enough, the app also automates the sales process. So company sales reps can enjoy many of the same benefits that company safety and service techs get. These include less paperwork, an app that knows what forms and documents they have to fill out everyday, and then help to fill it out completely, file it, send it, and track it so they can do more sales every day and every week.Though the fuel delivery industry is a specialized industry, it is easy to see that every fuel delivery company owner, manager and sales rep will be enthralled with how this new app will streamline their work, eliminate safety risks, increase sales, and instantly file their paperwork for them as they ride home early every day.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier not more complicated. This new app that is connected to their office all the time is what technology is supposed to be; easy to use, reliable, and truly helpful. If you are in the fuel delivery industry and are not yet using Tank Spotter then get it now, don’t be the only one left behind with inefficient and costly practices.

TankSpotter is already being used in several countries, is recommended by several fuel related insurance companies, is getting recognition by individual states in the US and in countries for their inspectors.

Available from, Apple App Store and Google Play.



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